Safe Gun Education More Important Than Ever

Due To Recent Developments, Americans Can Get Conceal Carry Permit Certifications Online In Certain States

I am a veteran gun owner and hunter who takes gun safety very seriously. A few of my friends have had to pay severe consequences because they did not check their magazine to make sure a live round was inside. It drives me crazy because accidents could all be avoided. Nothing makes me more angry than when people are waving their guns around carelessly. I want to set a good example for my grandson, Tim who will join me on this year's annual desert trip. 

I talked with some of my friends in the group on how to properly educate a young man on gun safety and laws. They highly recommended going through the concealed permit process.

I wanted Tim to have a strong foundation of gun laws and safety before the trip. But I also wanted to eliminate any hassle driving across states. Gun laws alone can be very frustrating and confusing which is why we decided to sign up for concealed permits.

I knew the certification course was the right decision. 

Tim took the course and it was simple and easy! I was thrilled to see his attention to detail and care while handling the gun on our annual trip. I had peace of mind throughout the whole trip knowing my grandson was properly trained.

How it works:

Americans are missing out on a chance to secure CCW permits. Individuals who want to exercise their 2nd Amendment Right should sign up to get one so they can carry their legal firearms wherever they go.

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Here's How You Can Qualify:

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